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Title Linguistics and language behavior abstracts
Description Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts covers three fundamental areas: research in linguistics (the nature and structure of human speech); research in language (speech sounds, sentence and word structure, meaning in language forms, spelling, phonetics); and research in speech, language and hearing pathology. The database consists of over 250,000 bibliographic records with abstracts citing journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, and reviews of books and other media. Over 2,600 journals from 50 countries are scanned for inclusion in the database. The database indexes publications in over 30 languages. Abstracts are in English. Titles appear in both their original languages as well as in English translation. Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts is updated quarterly. Material indexed in this database will be useful in research on Anthropology; Artificial Intelligence; Communications; Education; Language; Linguistics; Neurology; Psychology.
Resource Type Electronic database
Subject Categories Anthropology
  Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences
  Psychological and Brain Sciences
  Spanish & Portuguese Studies


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