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1. American FactFinder

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You can use American FactFinder to view, print, and download statistics about population, housing,industry, and business. Using FactFinder, you can create reference and thematic maps; and search for specific data. American FactFinder includes the 2000 Census Dress Rehearsal, 1990 and 2000 Decennial censuses, 1997 Economic Census and the American Community Survey.


2. Biography and genealogy master index

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A comprehensive index to nearly 12 million biographical sketches in more than 2700 volumes and editions of current and retrospective reference books, covering both contemporary and historical figures throughout the world.


3. Dictionary of first names

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Searchable database of A dictionary of first names contains nearly 7,000 names. Originally published in 1990, this resource contains a collection of linguistic and historical information about first names.


4. Historical abstracts

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"Historical coverage of the world from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada)"


5. Oxford dictionary of local and family history

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Searchable database of information found in the Oxford dictionary of local and family history. Resource contains over 1500 entries.


6. WorldCat.

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WorldCat (the OCLC Union Catalog) of books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, maps, computer data files, manuscripts, scores, sound recordings and any other type of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries. The database includes records for material from the 11th century to date. New records are added daily.